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Welcome (again) to True Tales of Sherwood. This is the summary of what was written in our real time sessions or single mails from August 2000 - end of 2001.
Important note: We may not hold the characters' copyright, but nevertheless we are proud of what they are doing ... so please don't copy without asking our permission, thank you.

Joni & Cora


Table of contents:

(last update: 08/04/02)

  • Herne's son/A decision is reached/Farewell to lost friends/The outlaws' camp/Will and Much hunting - Chapter 1
  • Tuck in camp/The challenge - Chapter 2
  • A truce of sorts and dinner/Robin and Marion return - Chapter 3
  • Let's give him a hand!/The Sheriff plans a trip - Chapter 4
  • The first night/Midnight Rendezvouz - Chapter 5
  • Just before dawn: John and Nasir/Just before dawn: Tuck and Nasir/In search of answers - Chapter 6
  • The crack of dawn/An early morning conversation Part 1 - Chapter 7
  • An early morning conversation Part 2/The first morning - Chapter 8
  • Off paths and footprints/The first morning (cont.) - Chapter 9
  • Much/Heeding advice/An unexpected encounter - Chapter 10
  • New beginnings/Close, but not close enough - Chapter 11
  • Exploring Sherwood: Preparations/Exploring Sherwood/Unwelcome visitors - Chapter 12
  • After the attack/Hugo/Hunting - Chapter 13
  • New friends and old enemies/Campfire talks/Hugo's man in the forest/Much's discovery/New quarry - Chapter 14
  • To the trees/Much on his way to the camp/Brother Simon/Marion/Much enters the camp/Robin on his way back/The Saracen watching/Will's decision/Much (back in camp) and Marion - Chapter 15
  • Campfire Banter/Gisburne in search for Robin Hood/Meg meets the Saracen/Marion in the woods/Will returns - Chapter 16
  • Nasir's tale ((life gaming session))/Will is sulking/Marion's request/Friar Tuck: Back in the habit/Much and the deer/The return of the Enchantress - Chapter 17
  • Robin speaks with Herne/Little John and Nasir returning/Marion is cooling/Robin returns/Will (End of day in camp) - Chapter 18